100 Strangers Project - 43/100 / by Michael Pung


Hey all! I'm currently on holidays for 6 weeks from school and have gone travelling! I was in Berlin a few days ago and managed to see some parts of this wonderful city! I was out in the Friedrichshain district when I noticed Anya sitting by the steps enjoying a cigarette and a bottle of beer. 

She is an occupational therapist born in Berlin. She loves helping people. A fan of polaroids and photography, Anya has a camera that is over 50 years old and when she noticed that I also had an Instax camera she recommended an antique camera shop for me to check out.

Anya also loves cycling and enjoys trips out of Berlin. As much as she loves the city, sometimes she feels the need to get out and re-energise by enjoying nature. She currently has plans to ride to Lichtenberg from Berlin on her bicycle. It will be her first cycling adventure on her own and she will be riding around 500km to get to the city. One day Anya hopes to ride to Sweden and Norway.

Thanks for taking part in the project Anya!