100 Strangers Project - 42/100 / by Michael Pung

I met Dave after being encouraged by my friend to approach him. He was sitting by himself listening to some music on his phone. He was easy-going and was happy to have his photo taken!

I asked him where he was from and he said that he was born in Fulham and has a life-time membership to visit the football grounds. Despite that, he loves Liverpool Football Club and has been a supporter since he was 7.

We talked for a long time about the current situation surrounding the club, how much atmosphere there is at Anfield and how he was at the Champions League final in 2005 and almost walked out after half-time before a dramatic turnaround where they scored 3 goals in 8 minutes.

Dave also cycles everywhere he goes and every day he cycles 32 miles to get into work. He also completed the John O'Grotes cycling challenge (which is 1000 miles in distance) and raised 145 pounds for Leukemia research and is looking forward to completing another cycling challenge. He has dreams of cycling for the Tour De France.

Thanks for taking part in the project Dave!