100 Strangers Project - 44/100 / by Michael Pung

So during the summer I spent some time on Skyros which is an island located north of Athens working on a horse breeding farm. During our off days we made forays into town and one day I noticed Alex sitting with his dog Fedra while they were interacting with a couple of boys who were passing them. After the boys left I decided approach them to take a portrait.  Alex was more than happy after I explained the project to him.

Alex was born and raised on the Greek island Skyros and lived much of his life there. He currently resides in Athens working as an interior designer. He'd been doing it for 13 years and it's something that he enjoys as it gives him a chance to think and to be creative. He loves the fact that he can work from his home and his work allows for him to travel to different places.

I asked him about his dog and he said that Fedra was rescued by him two years ago from a highway. She was an abandoned puppy. He said that she reminded him of his old dog Vincent who was a collie given to him as gift when he was younger. He jokingly said that he likes dogs that remind him of himself as he's got a prominent nose much like his old dog and Fedra.

Alex and Fedra

Like many, he loves to party and enjoys forays into London with friends to have a night out and to wake up to an English breakfast in the morning. I curiously asked him about his favourite Skyrian food and he said he loves Skyrian pie (I wish I had a picture of it as it really is quite delicious).

Thanks for taking part in the project Alex!