100 Strangers Project - 41/100 / by Michael Pung

Tareq was waiting for his train from London to Hastings when I approached him. He had spent the weekend in Nottinghamshire at a conference representing the Labor Party. He enjoyed meeting people from different parts of Britain and seemed in good spirits to take part in my project. 

He has traveled to places around the world such as Belgium, the United States and Mauritius although wants to do further travels especially around the UK. He wants to see more of Britain and has recently visited Cornwall and Scotland which he says are the extremities and now would like to visit the places in-between.

On his travels to Mauritius: He didn't know what to expect from the small nation but he says that it's a blend of English, French and Asian influences. He enjoyed visiting all the temples there and it was relatively easy to get around because of the language. He observed that people are multi-lingual over there and wished that more people in Britain learned other languages as it would help them connect with others as well as make travel easier.

Thanks for taking part in the project Tareq!