100 Strangers Project - 40/100 / by Michael Pung

I visited Notting Hill Community Church to watch some of my friends perform with their choir. They put a great energetic show and after the performance I was introduced to Pavel. My friends usually find opportunities for me when introducing me to take photos for my project and so I got to talk with him.

Pavel was a singer on the stage as well along with my friends and was initially inquisitive about what my project was about.  After explaining he was quite happy to take part. So a few things about him: He comes from Bulgaria, enjoys singing in the choir and enjoys technology- the computer is his technology of choice.

It seems that I find quite a few people who are into photography to take part in my project! We got to talking about cameras and the gear that he uses. He used to have over 50 cameras at one stage and enjoys taking photos of landscapes and architecture.

Thanks for taking part in the project Pavel!