100 Strangers Project - 33/100 / by Michael Pung

I met a jeweler named Eddy while waiting for my housemate to choose a piece of jewelry for her work Christmas party.  His store is a tapestry of his wonderful creations ranging from necklaces made of toy teeth, to earrings of lego and handbags with model dinosaurs superimposed onto them.  

Eddy started life in Bangkok and then moved to New Zealand before finally coming to London where he hopes to gain citizenship.  He said that he wants to pass his IELTs exam to help him gain citizenship and as an added incentive; his good friend has offered to pay for a trip back to Thailand if he succeeds. 

About his creations he proudly says, "Everything I make I put my heart into it."

Thank you for taking part in the project Eddy!

Eddie's store can be found on his Facebook Page Bitsch Kitsch