100 Strangers Project - 32/100 / by Michael Pung

Gerardo moved to London over a year ago to look for work. At the time, it was a huge move since this was his first time out of Italy.  

Many of his hours are filled with work as a sous chef in west London and although busy; he appreciates the value of hard work.  He hopes to move to Australia next year and work somewhere remote, where he can take a step back and appreciate the simpler things in life.

He has a considerable admiration for rugby:  "I like it, It's a spiritual sport. There's always a good team spirit.  I played it back at school for four years.  It's a game where you really need to trust your team."  

Unluckily, his time playing it was cut short from injury, "After, I broke three bones right here," he said pointing to his collar bone, "I stopped playing because I didn't feel the same (after recovering)."

We chatted about who were some of the important people in his life and he exclaimed, "In Italy, we have a saying, 'We have just one woman in your life, it is your mother."

Thank you Gerardo for taking part in the project!