100 Strangers Project - 31/100 / by Michael Pung

A little while back, Arthur spent some time living in the Czech Republic.  His plan was to spend three years living in Prague after receiving an inheritance.  And although he did not have the travel bug, he adored the architecture.  Unfortunately, he only spent a year living there after he discovered how  difficult it was to learn the language. He made the trip for philosophical reasons.

"Everyone has a philosophy, it's the balance of their mind, body and spirit," he explained after sipping his coffee.

 "Are you from New Zealand?" he enquired detecting my accent. When I told him that I was from Australia he said that his old boss was from there. They didn't get along. 

 "He used to finish almost every sentence with the phrase 'cool bananas."

Arthur comes from north London and was taking a coffee break while he was out shopping for his mother's birthday present. "I don't know what to get her," he exclaimed.  "It's always difficult to know what to get for a loved one."

Thank you for taking part in the project and I hope you found the present!