100 Strangers Project - 30/100 / by Michael Pung

On a chilly, Sunday afternoon in Hyde Park, I came across a man who performed freestyle football on a footpath.  Practicing his skills, he juggled the ball with expert control and balanced it on his head.  After all, he used to play football professionally.

Stef was born and raised in south-east London by an Irish mother and a Trinidadian father.  His parents endured through a tough time due to the stigma on interracial relationships around the period he was born.  He has strong views when it comes to the topic of racism and tolerance, although is optimistic about the future through the younger generation.

"London was built on immigration," he stated.

"The younger generation, they are making a difference and things are changing."

Stef likes to stay fit and in addition to practicing his skills, he rides his bicycle; something he has been doing since he was 4 years old.  And although passionate about fitness, he simply does it out of enjoyment.

I enjoyed our chat, but by the time I got to taking the last photo, the sky became very dark.  He said that he had to get going, so I gave him my business card.  This was when he admitted that he's not one to worry about the internet too much and also doesn't bother with Facebook or iPhones, but despite the fact, he said he may check out my site when he gets the chance.  

Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for taking part in the project Stef!