100 Strangers Project - 29/100 / by Michael Pung

Mollie and Jayden

I was on my way to a catchup with a couple of my friends, when I met Jayden and Mollie. I was taking photos near Westminster Chapel when I spotted them sitting in front of the blue doors.  Jayden waved when I took a photo in their direction (I missed that shot though!) and then I approached them.

They are both college students studying in Kent.  Mollie is studying Fashion and Jayden is studying Sports science.  When it comes to football, Mollie is a Middlesborough fan and Jayden follows Arsenal.  They met through a mutual friend in college.

Jayden is passionate about football and used to play as a defender.  He now coaches his own side.  

Mollie's passion is in her field of study and she hopes to one day live in either Paris and pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry, but also harbours another dream of moving to California and take up surfing.

I enjoyed our brief encounter and wish you both all the best.  Thanks for taking part in my project!