100 Strangers Project - 65/100 / by Michael Pung

Sze was standing, waiting and glancing at her phone on the side of a footpath. She was quite easy-going about having her photograph taken for the project. I asked her about her necklace which she explained is the symbol for Prince - an artist who she used to like listening to. However, lately she has been listening to other artists that she doesn't normally listen to. Artists such as Barbara Streisand and Tony Bennett who were vocally trained in a classical way.

Speaking of which, she is currently taking singing classes and prefers this way of singing over the more contemporary pop styles. I asked her why she's decided to take these classes and she replied, "I like pulling the rug from under my feet and try something different."  

"Ultimately get involved. You got to enjoy life," she added.

Thank you Sze for taking part in the project!