100 Strangers Project - 64/100 / by Michael Pung

I met Daniel up near Angel walking up towards the town centre. He's not originally from London, in fact he was raised in and around several villages around Oxford and moved here later. I asked him what the highlight of his time here in London was and he told me that it was his music and being able to play with his band. They are called Desert Ships and the name was inspired from the evocative images of real desert ships.

I compared the idea of being in a band to being in a relationship as to which he wholly agreed: "We are like husband and husband and husband... And music is the sex." They have been together for 12 years to which he jokingly said that they have succeeded the Beatles in longevity. In addition to being a musician, Daniel also has a career as an English teacher.

You can check out Desert Ships here.

Thank you Daniel for taking part in the Project!