Dublin Travels & on the Wildling Trail / by Michael Pung


A few weeks ago my friend Kerzia extended an invitation for us to travel to Dublin and check out the Game of Thrones Winterfell tour! As a fan of the series, I happily obliged.

We landed in Dublin on a Saturday morning and were immediately greeted by conditions that were significantly colder than what we experienced before we hopped on our one hour flight.  After all, Ireland is known as the land of the eternal winter.

Soon after we dropped our bags at the hostel we embarked on a walk around the city centre.  We caught a glimpse of life over here, some old castles, monuments and plenty of pubs.  I was amazed at the number of souvenir stores around town, and I must say when it comes to the souvenir game, Dublin is a hard act to follow!

The next day, we woke up early on a Sunday morning for the Winterfell tour.  It was, in short... sublime.  After we arrived via coach, we were off to the various filming locations for the series with our tour guide. Decked out in our cloaks, we took an excursion into the woods much in the same fashion as the wildlings did in the TV show.  Fantasy.

It was a fun trip, we got to see some of the beautiful, green scenery of Northern Ireland, the rustic and historic buildings of central Dublin and met some wonderful people along the way.