100 Strangers Project - 24/100 / by Michael Pung

Clara was spotted sitting on a street bench, reading George Orwell's Books v. Cigarettes around Warren Street here in London.  She has made a move to London over the past year after living most of her life in Barcelona.  She currently works as a freelance in fashion and one day hopes to work as a fashion curator. 

In your 20 odd years of life in Barcelona, could you tell me about one of your happiest moments? 

"Oh! I hate these kind of questions!  For me it's really difficult to choose your favourite thing.  I like feelings, so when spring comes, I love the feeling.  Barcelona smells different, I love the smells of the neighborhood and that makes me feel very happy.  The life and it's like you start meeting friends almost every day."

Clara's immediate family reside in Barcelona.  They aren't a big family, just her parents and her older brother who is completing a PHD in computer science.  She really misses her brother and parents.  They skype a lot.  

Like myself, Clara has only moved to London fairly recently, so I asked her what she found challenging with her move here:

"I came here alone. My boyfriend had a job with a company in Barcelona and I was working as a freelance in fashion.  So I was the one who said okay, I'm moving because I'm freelance and I'm not earning much money.  When I came here, that was pretty tough.  I knew a couple of people, but all of my friends who were living here were in Barcelona at the time.  I was alone a lot. I learned to do things on my own a lot.  (And) I'm proud of that as well."


Thank you Clara for taking part of the project and I wish you the best with your ambitions.