100 Strangers Project - 21 and 22 of 100 / by Michael Pung

I came across Amy and Marcos as they were walking down Brick Lane enjoying their frozen yogurts. About the yogurts, I asked them if they would recommend them and they said they were alright, though nothing really to write home about.  Good to know!

Amy is an apprentice tattoo artist and has been one for 15 months.  Before this, she was working at job in marketing but decided to change career paths on suggestion from her boyfriend.  She has not looked back.  She enjoys being social and would like to one day live abroad, perhaps somewhere in the United States or Australia.

Marcos on the other hand, hails from Portugal and is employed as a waiter at a restaurant in Brick Lane. He is content with his job, but has aspirations to travel the world.  He too wants to go to Australia and harbours an ambition to experience new and different cultural pursuits such as having a BBQ on the beach on Christmas.

What is some life advice you would give to your future children?

Amy - "Be yourself."

Marcos - "If you never make any mistakes, you'll never learn."

Thanks for taking part in the project guys and good luck with your ambitions!