Guild London Photo Walk / by Michael Pung

Just a quick post on what I did on Saturday 18th of April.  I was invited to take part in a photo walk around central London, with people from a variety of photography groups. It was brilliant meeting up with like-minded people and gave me a chance to get into discussions about photography, gear and other random things. 

The plan was to meet at the London Eye and then via Westminster tube, make our way to Soho, Chinatown, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Embankment and Southbank.  Somewhere along the way, myself and Katherine (a friend I made from a previous walk) lost the group and ended up in Oxford Circus.  But it did give us a chance to catch some great opportunities:

The Thirst - A band from Brixton. They play funk-inspired tunes.

Probably the widest grin I've ever seen.

Member of the Thirst


Central London was buzzing all over, with opportunities almost everywhere on the street to take photos.  There's something very vibrant about London especially heading into the warmer months, which makes me quite excited about spending time here in the summer.

For anyone into photography, no matter the level, going on a photo-walk is something I highly recommend that you do.  It's fun, you meet great people and it inspires you to take photos!