100 Strangers Project - 19/100 / by Michael Pung

I was strolling around Belgrade's bohemian quarter when I discovered Jana sitting with her puppy Quince.  As it turns out, she was waiting for a friend who she was helping out with his radio show... and he was running late.  

Being a fan of Humans of New York, she was absolutely delighted to take part.  I found out that in terms of her fashion, Jana 'discovered' colours fairly recently and has incorporated them into her sense of style.  In the past, she tended to wear more muted, neutral colours- similar to my style at this very moment!  In addition to this, she is currently studying a PHD in the arts and is going to take part in a female art exhibition in London later in the year.

About a year ago, Jana wanted to get a new puppy as she missed her old dog.  So when she was on the lookout for a new companion, she visited her friend who had a couple of puppies.  Once she was there, Quince came up to her and climbed into her bag!  It was destiny... and perhaps even love at first sight.


Thank you Jana and Quince for taking part in the project and have the best time in London!