100 Strangers Project - 17 and 18/100 / by Michael Pung

I was on my way back home from work at Camden Town when  I noticed Julia's bright blue hair from a mile away.  I absolutely knew that I needed to approach these two for my project.  And when I did, they seemed to be quite receptive to the idea and we got talking... for quite a while!

Julia is a tattoo artist who is currently at school.  Her biggest inspiration when it comes to the artform is an artist named Kat Von D. In addition to this, she stated that her mother was an influence for pursuing the art.

Chris on the other hand, is a photographer specialising in music photography.  He told me that his father wanted him to get into engineering, but he decided to study photography instead.  He remarked that his mother was the one who helped him get into it and in fact, he was carrying three cameras that day!

Asking about how they met, I found out that they started chatting to each other through Facebook after Chris sent her a message regarding her hair colour.  Additionally, they share a love for anime and manga and have been friends since.  Chris said it was her birthday that day and he bought her a carpet.  

We were located under a bridge near the markets and we moved to find some better light for the photoshoot.  During an intermission, Chris casually rolled up his cigarette.  He politely asked if it was okay that he smoked and I told him it was fine.  Seeing the opportunity, Julia proposed the idea of taking photos of him blowing smoke. These are the resulting photos:

Thanks for taking part in the project guys and I wish you well on your passions and who knows, we may meet again.