100 Strangers Project - 58/100 / by Michael Pung

Ryusuke was sitting enjoying his break from work when I approached him. He was very relaxed when I explained my project and was happy to have his photo taken. Ryusuke's attire stood out from the crowd for me, he was wearing a hat and his clothes were coordinated with the colour of his glasses and he also had a holster for all of his hairdressing tools - it reminded me of country-western gun holster. He comes from Hanedakuko Japan and moved to London 1 year ago with his wife whom he met in a logistics company over there. He has been hairdressing for 17 years. One of his favourite things to do is to go to the beach and enjoy the sun - something he doesn't like so much here in London! He sometimes goes to Cornwall for surfing the waves, something he enjoyed doing back when he was in Japan.

Thank you Ryusuke for taking part in the project!