100 Strangers Project - 56/100 / by Michael Pung

After meeting Reine in Chinatown we head to the tube to find our way back home. We end up at Paddington tube station and come across a couple who appear to be working out where they were going.

My friend approaches them asking if they need any help with directions. They have exhausted themselves working out where their hotel is after a long day out, where they traveled from Oxford for their daughter's graduation. Their names are Linda and Tom and they come from Southlake, Texas.

I offer to send a copy of the photo to them and Linda says that I can send it to her daughter's email address. While looking on her phone she accidentally calls her daughter and they start talking about their tube experience and how they were being photographed! She then tells us to stand together for a photo so she can send it to her daughter.

After our exchange, we say goodbye, thankful for the help from my friend and I. Linda and Tom now have their directions and head towards the right platform... and to their hotel.

Thank you Tom and Linda for taking part in the project!