100 Strangers Project - 53/100 / by Michael Pung

I see Elly ambling down the road heading in the direction of Broadway Market. She is wearing a black bowler hat, a white blazer and patterned loose yoga trousers. She tells me that she is heading over to yoga class. I ask her about her hat and she says that she bought it from Shoreditch earlier for a grand sum of ₤20. She is happy to have her photo taken.

She lives in Berlin and was living in London for 3 years prior to moving.

"There are too many rules in London," she replied when I asked her about why she moved, she continues, "Things are freer in Berlin."

She is a stage actress and has been doing it since childhood. Recently she has been focusing on comedic acting and specifically as a clown. She loves the character of the clown because they are tragic characters. Although they are always failing at tasks, they never give up and it's the grit and determination that they exude which inspires her.

In addition to being an actress, Elly also is a musician and busks on the street with her accordion. 

"When performing, it's about how connected you are rather than how good you are unless you're really, really good."

Thank you for taking part in the project Elly!