100 Strangers Project -51/100 / by Michael Pung

So Inap was talking with a group of other people about his thoughts on the state of affairs in the world and remember that musician I told you from the previous post? Well that musician's name is Amos Bellot also known as Sky Joose.

Sky Joose started creating dance music back in 1984 and broke into the underground hip hop scene here in London in 1990. He has been producing music for the underground until recently where he has decided to take a break. He tells me that there have been other people taking his ideas from the tracks he's made and not paying credit... or paying for that matter. I ask him about why he does it, and he says that he does it for the scene and if he didn't do it then there would be no scene.

He is a man who has music coursing through his veins. "Music is in my body. One of my ex-girlfriends says that I drum in my sleep! " Sky Joose also has five brothers of which three of them are musicians. His brother Dezy B is a talented drummer who can play with high energy, intensity and can go for up to 6 hours constantly playing at a party (you can see him play here).

He then begins talking about the way he makes tracks. "Never start with the drums. You got to get your melody right first and then you have to do the drums and bass last." He adds, "I just need four bars to make a track. If you play guitar and just give me four bars of a riff, that's all I need to make a song." He speaks passionately about his craft and became animated as he was talking me through his process, "I have to start at the end. My friends tell me: Sky Joose you work backwards!"

Thank you for taking part in the project Sky Joose!