100 Strangers Project - 38/100 / by Michael Pung

I was out on a photowalk with a group of photographers in Hackney Wick. We were walking by the canals, the sun was shining, it was hot (at least for London standards). All of a sudden, we heard hip hop music blaring out from behind us. It man on a bike with a bandanna around his neck, a graphic t-shirt and a portable speaker. He rode past the group and began mounting his bike on a pole nearby. 

I approached him about taking his photo and he happily agreed.

G-Boy is a writer and a photographer. He is heavily into the art scene around London and came along to take photos of the newly completed mural on one of the walls. We were talking for a little while about what he does and he also showed me his Instagram page showing me how often that mural changes. He loves the scene.

Thank you G-Boy for taking part in the project!