100 Strangers Project - 73/100 / by Michael Pung

Max was practicing some yoga poses out near the shoreline at the Botanical Gardens. He has been travelling for 5 months. Initially he traveled with a girl he was with for 4 years, but somewhere along the way she broke his heart. "I came from a dark world... (but after travelling) I opened my eyes up to world. I used to go to the tattoo parlour when life was bad," he said as he showed me a tattoo that was imprinted on the other side of his bottom lip.

He said that he was trying to move on and is well on his journey with his solo travels and his experiences meeting inspiring people. He was happy to have his photo taken and performed some yoga poses for me to photograph. He appeared to be in quite a bit of pain whilst doing so - he was purposely stretching to improve his flexibility.

Looking forward, Max is on his way to Surfers Paradise and hopes to settle there a while.

"Happiness isn't what you look for, it comes from inside. Something you create for yourself."

Thank you Max for taking part in the project!