100 Strangers Project - 68/100 / by Michael Pung

So while I was taking photos of Adrian, Elizabeth noticed us and approached us (bearing in mind I was still standing on the barrier at this point).

"What's going on here?" She asked inquisitively.

"I'm taking this gentleman's portrait. It's part of a project." I replied.

"That's interesting, it's nice to meet people here in this neighborhood."

"There you go, another person for your project," remarked Adrian.

Adrian helped me down and we started talking.

"You can take a photo of me, but make sure you get my bag in the shot as well!"

Elizabeth comes from Scotland and enjoys meeting new people and come across many during her forays into town. She also loves Donnie Day, Rod Stewart and Betty Boop and keeps posters and ornaments of them in her home.

"When I go into Stratford, I start with £40 but between Argos and Morrisons, I am £20 shorter because of the beggars and buskers!"

I took out my Instax camera and took a photo each of Adrian and Elizabeth and they watched the film develop. She said that she wants to buy an Instax and asked about the price of the camera and the film. Adrian instantly remarked about how expensive it is, but she replied saying that "You should spend your money. Buy what you want."

As I had to depart we said our goodbyes, Elizabeth and Adrian continue down the road in the same direction engaged in conversation.

Thank you Elizabeth for taking part in the project!