100 Strangers Project - 15/100 / by Michael Pung

So the month of March is upon us and the weather is finally becoming warmer!  This is great because it's easier for me to stay out longer and devote more time to my strangers project.

Kim was on her way from work to meet up with her friend.  I asked her the question and she inquisitively asked where I was from.  As it turns out, she too is a fellow Australian and picked out my accent instantly.

Kim is a primary school teacher who is on her final 2 months of her Visa here in the UK and was vibrant in our interaction.  

So I asked her: "Since you work with children, what is one piece of life advice you would give to them?"

"You've got to follow through with what you love."

Kim was the first stranger to invite me for drinks after our photoshoot.  So thanks Kim, enjoyed the banter and wish you well on your return home.